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Upcoming Shows

The Baronesques play The Chipping Sodbury Cotswold Beer Festival mid July.

Date to be confirmed!

The Baronesques play Bimm Live and Lyrical gig term three!!

Thursday 9th June 2011 at Metropolis (comedy club) 135-137 Cheltenham Road. We will be playing 'Cool Enough' from our E.P! Doors 7pm sharp.

The Baronesques at The Louisianna June 26th.

(July dates to be confirmed.)

The Baronesques at The Barrel Thornbury September 2nd.


ALSO DO NOT MISS The Baronesques on Next Music Show.

A U.S. American Radio station playing our Joan Jett cover of 'Bad Reputation' recorded live at The Little Halings Studios London. Plus some of our Originals too! Going to be a great summer so keep checking the site for more details!

The Baronesques recording at Luke Oldfield's Studio this week went really well!

We have recorded our E.P and will be selling it for £3 at our next gig coming up April 28th @ The Cooler.

The tracks featuring on the E.P:

  1. Cool Enough
  2. Games You're Playing
  3. Skin

Coming out on BakerLou Records.

We drove up to Denham last Tuesday to meet Luke and stayed in the Caravans on site until Saturday when we had to go home. On the last night we celebrated Luke's 25th Birthday with a massive bonfire, bbq and private gig at the studio. Luke and his song writing partner Victoria began the evening with some acoustic music around the fire, shortly followed by The Baronesques headlining with their new material. We had a great time at The Little Halings Studio and will be going back soon to record a whole album. Luke has decided that so far we are the coolest band that has recorded with him so far!

Audition at Mainstream

Audition at Mainstream went really well! Louisa's new Girl band "The Barronesques" made it into the final 3 bands out of 20! We Performed the single "Inside Out" and were then interviewed along with a photo shoot (Pics coming soon).

Fantastic feedback from all 5 judges! The best comments made:

  • "You girls sounds like you have been playing together two years not two weeks!"
  • "Really like Bec Jevon's hair, reminds me of Joan Jett" (we had already nicked named her "Jet" because of how alike they really are!)
  • "Loved the tune really catchy!"
  • "You have definitely proved yourselves!"
  • "We Love BOOM SATSUMA" Sponsors "Mainstream Music".

The proper line up:

  • Rebecca Baldwin - BVs & Bass
  • Bec "Jet" Jevons - Vocals & Lead Guitar
  • Louisa Maria Baker - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
  • Jen Haneef - Drums

We will be getting our press pack together in the next few weeks to go with the Bimm Album submissions and Auditioning for L&L Bimm Gig in the next week. Fingers Crossed!

Recording at The Little Halings Studios - London 29th December 2010

New Girl Band recording at Luke Oldfield's studio in London.

Went well however two of our members couldn't make it so lead guitar and drums are all thanks to Luke himself! Really pleased with this outcome!

Recording in J&J Studios - 17th June 2010

Lou & The Baker Boys recording at J&J Studios mixed by Tim Alan. This went really well for our first recording. More songs coming soon!